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Clementi Moorish ovens perfectly combine the wood-fired cooking tradition of the ovens of yesteryear with the innovation studied for a functional, simple and fast use.

Very fast warm-up times  (15/20 min) and the low consumption of wood (4/8 kg) make them ideal and fun products for all those who are passionate about cooking, both experts and those who are now entering this world, which allows you to cook with the same ease both a small romantic dinner and a feast with friends or family.

Gas ovens are the evolution for kitchen lovers who want to enjoy the pleasure of cooking in an oven even in their apartment in the city or because they simply do not have space to store firewood. ITS preheating time is around 30 minutes and in that short space of time we will have a wonderful surface ready in a clean and safe way to prepare our banquet or our family dinner.

Hornos morunos
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