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FURNI 14/18/22/26 kW

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Girolami Furni models are found in four different powers, so you can find the most optimal for your central heating system.

It is an intelligent thermo-stove, unique on the market, that changes fuel according to need and that detects if the user has inserted firewood to stop supplying biomass (pellets, olive pits, shells...) and that when the firewood combustion ends, the crushed biomass burning automatically starts.

Chimenea mixta leña pellet automatica Girolami

Alimentación desde abajo:

  • Ninguna limpieza diaria: El pellet sale desde abajo y limpia automaticamente el brasero.

  • Encendido automático aunque el brasero esté sucio

  • Llama natural: el pellet no cae sobre la llama molestándola.

  • Bajísimas emisiones de particulas solidas.

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Girolami and Fogocasa

To keep your radiators or underfloor heating warm, at FOGOCASA we rely on one of the greatest experts, GIROLAMI, an Italian manufacturer that for years has perfected the technology that allows the combustion of pellets and wood to be automatically combined in the same fireplace.

The  most complete system on the market, with very low fuel consumption,  firewood and biomass (pellets, olive pits, shells) and its FCS (Fuel Control System) system that automatically combines combustion.

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