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Welcome to the business class of home comfort with high-performance automatic multi-fuel firewood + biomass boilers 

Estufas mixtas Girolami
To ensure proper operation and installation of the boilers and offer you the best  advice, consult us and without any commitment we will advise you.

What is a mixed boiler?

A boiler is a heating system  with a water tank that allows heating the  radiators installed in the house. Girolami in particular offers the  characteristic of being able to burn biomass (pellets, olive pits, corn, ground shells...)  allowing  the user to combine the use of both this biomass and firewood automatically, since the multi-fuel system developed by Girolami allows the machine to operate "intelligently" by changing the fuel automatically without the need to be present.

We decided to work with Girolami because it is a company that stands out for its seriousness and rigor, and its machines live up to its prestige.

In Girolami they insisted on manufacturing the best boilers  domestic polyfuels on the market.  


Presenting its TEKNA and BIOMATIC range with a  "all included" that turns the boiler into a Plug&Play (ready to connect and work)  with many possibilities but easy to use. Forget about going home to load the fireplace with firewood.

Models of Girolami Thermo-stoves 

Feed from below:

  • No daily cleaning: The pellet comes out from below and automatically cleans the brazier.

  • Automatic ignition even if the brazier is dirty

  • Natural flame: the pellet does not fall on the flame disturbing it.

  • Very low emissions of solid particles.


  • A single 100mm smoke outlet

  • multifunctional touch screen

  • Electronic control unit predisposed to manage other solar installations, puffers and other heat sources.

  • Plug&Play: already standard with high-efficiency circulator, anti-condensation valve, automatic filling group, pressure gauge, 3bar safety valve, drain, expansion vessel, circuit discharge valve, thermal discharge valve, sanitary finned coil

Chimenea mixta leña pellet automatica Girolami

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