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mixed firewood + biomass automatic boilers




BIOMATIC EVO 26/30/34 kW

Girolami BIOMATIC models are found in three different powers, so you can find the most optimal for your central heating system.

It is an intelligent boiler, unique in the market, that changes fuel according to needs and that detects if the user has introduced firewood to stop supplying biomass (pellets, olive pits, shells...) and that when the firewood combustion ends, the crushed biomass burning automatically starts.

What does the boiler include?
  • Plug&play system : The boiler comes with all the hydraulic equipment with the best components, designed and assembled specifically for each power of the model.

  • Turbine cleaning

  • Double combustion (also of biomass) with yields greater than 97%

  • High quality cast iron burner

  • Wi-Fi system (optional)

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